Rich Boy - The Madness Lyrics

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You niggas gon' learn buck a buckin'
D-boy squad buck a buckin' Rich Boy

I'm in that phantom, askin' for that gray poupon
Look at my arm bitch, ya see the charm bitch
Sweet home Alabama, Yeah, I love her
I still try to hug her even though she ain't my color

Yeah, I'm fucking wit that home boy but ain't nothin' left
See, I got enough heart to march with Martin Luther King
Got them killers right by me and we can have a party
If ya niggas wanna try me, surprise

We got some fireworks for ya
Pop the trunk ,get the gift inside lemme show ya
Niggas treat that coke like a joke
A cocaine city's like a murder up in Copeland
Pick ya brain like a buncha snow flakes
Yeah, I put that weight down, now it's real estate

Tell me watcha know 'bout me boy
That's me, I'ma mothafuckin' d-boy
Tell me watcha know 'bout me boy
That's me, I'ma mothafuckin' d-boy
Yeah, so go d-boy, yeah, so go d-boy
Yeah, so go d-boy, yeah, so go d-boy

If it ain't the truth me and my nigga don't write it
9 years from the day my uncle man got indicted
I thank God for the hard times when I suffer
He protect me like a Mother, nigga now, I'm tuffer

Can't forget about you prof, I still see ya
I'm at the graveyard everyday, I can't leave ya
I feel your soul when I'm writing with the pen
Fuck what them niggas say you my brother till the end

Nigga save a spot for me, tell God I'm coming
Niggas killin' fo' that money but they're leavin' here with nothing
If it a game motherfucker, I'ma win it
As far as I'm concerned, ain't no competition in it

Call me the gritty green 'cause I'm wanna lie
Now my [unverified] mommy better thank what she got
[Unverified] get some shit, just got a new house
Congratulations 'cause ya son made a million with his mouth

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