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[Chorus - Sean Kingston]I'm addicted to this lifestyle
Blowing all my cash, in the strip club, trying to find me some ass
I'm addicted to this lifestyle
Shorty I can't change because that's just who I am
I'm addicted to this lifestyle
Buying four cars, buying out the mall, baby I'm a star
I'm addicted to this lifestyle
Shorty I can't change because that's just who I am
My conscience always say
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go in the mall
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go buy it all
Money ain't an issue, got to let you know this is who I am

[Verse 1 - Ace Hood]Beachside view, white girl coupe, make believe top
Thought you seen the roof
White flip-flops, designer shades Louis
Big face blockers, Family Guy Stewie
I'm so addicted to it, my bitch she shop and touring
Them niggas wish to do her, just know she so manure
Who you lame fucks?

She got her game up, twenty four inches, Rover Range truck
This is my lifestyle, I live my life wow
Four or five bitches, pipe down
Money cars and clothes, all a nigga know
Dedicated flow

[Verse 2 - Ace Hood]And I'm addicted to this life,
I would never ever change it
Looking back on life, I swear to God that it's amazing
Riding in the flyest whips, now I'm eating Cajun
Thousand dollar Louis, couple hundred for the fragrant
Momma I made it, yes I did
Used to live with seven, three bed crib
But now I got my own, and now I'm riding chrome
These women love the money, so they becoming showns
I see these niggas hating, but they can't be what I'm on
Give my chick a couple stacks, then I ship her off to Rome
So bye-bye you, hit the mall and buy it all, baby it's the truth


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