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And there is no time and no place for your isms
junk is what your thoughts they manifests
activities of your thinking
anyway thank you for being a part of mi life
Dem a wonder how wi do dis
Dem grow wid hate and anger fi JAH prophets
But as mi locks get longer heathen heart it a twist
Nuh spread nuh propoganda cause yu caant stop dis
Now dem a ponder how di ghetto yute so slick
Dem grow wid hate and anger fi JAH prophets
But as wi locks get longer heathen heart it a knit
Wi nuh beg unoo fi nuh sponsor so unoo caant stop dis
JAH seh no abomination so mi nuh business a who
Dis a fi every nation dis yu afi do
No man nuh badda than JAH and a wi a run JAH crew
Unoo come in a unoo thousands and two
They stand against you and hating me
Dem just caant go through dem heart nuh clean nor free
I remind dem so much of who they are supposed to be
I am of royalty dem lost dem identity
Woooooo every man for their own
the fact remain its JAH wear the crown
Wooooooo get off your bum and pride stay tough
What yu have a hide dis is the rasta man
dis is the rasta mans sound
We are immune to critisms we know not grudge
We face de challenge and harness the power of love
Now I see yu want us to be like the rug
Thats where we can be saturated wid all de mud
It is a portion of life most natural it is nature
And if yu nuh right mi say yu caant stay bout ya
fi yu self and just de power
If you had known your roots you would be in tune nature
What are we doing its just true
Life has taught we the very thing we do
It was ordained for me and you
You have lost your way and now you dont have a clue

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