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Yo, my mama didn't lie nah bad nah hospital an' give birth unto Sizzla the
crucial for me to take the like of my brother
Yuh mad?
How more could a man scandal

Killing is not a part of our policy
You kill a brother, explain to almighty
Days following days,
We heart have hatred
Keep up your dirty ways and Jah is not respected


Verse 1:
Me no know
how unu look 'pon it but is one way me see it
If unu mek the devil rule you that mean you heart weak
That simple mean a never Jah unu a seek
Stop an' check ya journey 'pon the wrong street
You're cutting back on your nation before you multiply
Can you give me a reason why you want ye brother die
Is your heart so dirty that love you deny
You aim for the head that sey you shoot to bullseye
Your time a go come but you have to answer why
You have to face the lord that's where you get your big trial
I wonder why we cannot give love a bly
You have no pity for the flesh none for you and you a cry, 'member


Verse 2:
You guys don't think ahead, only for a moment
quick to kill if involve in an argument
Thou shall not kill, do you know what that meant
your hands are not clean you are not innocent
Prepare to face the lord is some good comments
so long we have to wait
till fatha god mek you go through the gate
Now we touch the next side we dash away the faith
No one to oppose the rules Jah Jah make
Ye dis the almighty if a ye brether like ye take
You cross the lord boundary but you can't escape


Verse 3:
I respect the man who comes to get his daily bread
but not for the man who come to lick his brother head
We should help one another each others we should fed but no
one man want another one dead
Lord take the case an gi me the pillow
Them a commit the crime it wrong and dem know
Killing we one annether a no so love to show
When we kill we one annether which part we a go wh

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