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Just organize and centralize my people

Because Babylon have instilled malicious

And grudged upon my people, yuh know

Yuh see the dutty lifestyle, the Rastaman ah bu'n it

There's nothing in them system

Of which they create all around, ey

They criticize their own Idren

Yet they would catch at a straw if they were to drown, ey

They not different from those

Scribes and Pharisees who come around, ey

They lurks in the corners

Skylarks in the streets, flirt in the towns

They never do positive

They find a joy making people business their own, ey

Dance ah yard before yuh dance abroad

The High Priest tell yuh dat and you dey frown

Galong, go, get good ways, true grace

Haffi purge fi pass Zion Gate

You haffi have good ways, it give you long days

Nah take no bribe from not a screw-face

Go get good ways, good grace

Purge fi pass Zion Gate

You haffi have some good ways, it give you long days

Aw, what do you say? Ah tell yuh now

They await your downfall

Fi go labba and talk, yow

Well, dey greater joy, ah, commission

Yuh haffi go have ah knock he jawbone fi laugh, aayy

When Babylon city, ah, go down

Propaganda whey they spread

Becomes a dagger to them heart, ey

Think say them have a secret

The baby reveal it, say them ah wok witchcraft, ow

Say dem better,so them ah close in

Contempt the youth them whey they pass

Every man is equal

Rastafari say trod not on the ungodly path

Galong, go get good ways, long days

Purge fi pass Zion Gate

What about your good ways?

It give yuh length of days

Yow, yow yuh taste

So yuh medicine they taste

Yeah, wha', wha'

Ey! once them know

Ah chat 'bout them this, them that

Who slick from who flop, ey

Them say mash through bush

And anything else whey fi come

Ah mus' be rubbish and trash, oy

Every day ah dat them practice

The same ting,them never yet know when fi stop

Full up ah bad mind

Then ah wah make yuh want fi see yuh brother drown

Go and have some good ways, true grace

Purge before yuh pass Zion Gate

Go and have some good ways, mit give you long days

Oh, now them taste

So they medicine they taste

Good ways, long days

Nah, let go King Selassie through no screw-face

Good ways, it give yuh length of days

Nah take no bribe from no screw-face

Just have some good ways

It give yuh length of days

Aw! this ah one ah true faith, ah tell yuh now

There's nothing in the system

That they have create around

Oh, they criticize their own high-trine

Yet they would cyah touch a straw if they were to drown

Don't you see they're not much different

From the Scribes and the

Pharisees who come around, yow

They lurks in the corners, skylarks in the streets

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