Sizzla - Love Amongst My Brethren Lyrics

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Love Love Love (Mmhh Yeah)
Unu seet (Chu)
Love Love Love (Mmhh)

To see love amongst my friends to Sizzla that is heaven
None of us can run from the truth
Oh yes
To war with who me dwell
To I man that is hell
Can't live so fi Ghetto Youths


Verse 1:
I wonder how dem look pon life
Every day dem get up inna war an stride
Hurting ye brothers and rejoice
Don't you know sey dem de kind a livity no right
Fi show the little loving it no hard
For the things you do you see the reward
Watch the dirty things and step towards
How you must mek the devil tek charge
Oh yes

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
I went around the corner
To my surprise what is this I encounter
One more a me trether just a falter
pon the floor to the lead and the copper
I halla
Don't mek the wealth get to you
This is a way life substancial value
I enjoy it you can enjoy it too
If ye destroy it who Jah a blame but you

Chorus 2x

Oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh Lord Lord Lord (Mmhh Yeah)
Ooh Love Love

Verse 3:
Don't you see that harmony
It surround me as the children pass me by
Wonder my name
The destiny is for I an I
The presence I see as me go me hail dem eye
Unity alone we a apply
Oh yes


Verse 4:
I wonder how dem look pon life
Every day get up inna war an stride
Don't you know the livity no right
When ye hurt ye brothers alla rejoice
Fi show the little loving it no hard
For the things you do soon you'll see the reward
Keep on guide me my Lord
Cau ye know sey dis ya journey ya it hard
Oh yes

Chorus 2x

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