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(Don Reid)

We all four grew up together in a small Virginia country town
And for some strange reason God only knows we got to singing around
And about twice a year at the National Guard Armory
Or the old school house we'd go see
The Blackwood Brothers who were coming to town
To sing especially for me.

They always drew a crowd of young folk and old women
And men with the mortgage on their homes
Farmers and teachers rich men and preachers
The old school house was full when they would come
And we bought up every album every picture every single
Their autographs were the only things free
But the main thing they were selling was Jesus and good singing
In that old school house where the Blackwoods sang for me.

And they would sing (and they would sing)
Hide me old blest Rock of Ages every day will be Sunday by and by
Heavenly love inside the gates give the world a smile each day
They were all peace like a river to my soul.

And I wanna cross (I wanna cross) that chilly Jordan (chilly Jordan)
And I wanna be more and more like Jesus every day
Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham at the old country church
God made a way for me that's what the good book says

How many times (how many times) have we heard them sing these songs
So many times (so many times) they've been our idols for so long
And God if there's an old school house in heaven let me be
Somewhere close where I can hear RW sing for me.

The road the road the road of calvary
And God if there's an old school house in heaven let me be
Somewhere close where I can hear the Blackwoods sing for me...

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