Statler Brothers - Hammers And Nails Lyrics

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The assembly line is runnin' slow on Monday
They've been livin' it up
And layin' up Saturday and Sunday
On Tuesday they're about to kinda come around
But they still feel bad and they're down

And mad 'cause they've got four more day
Before the weekend rolls around
On Wednesday they're feelin' fine again
And they're workin' like a dog and diggin' in

Tryin' to do everything they should
Puttin' 'em cars together good
And I got me a car that was made
On Wednesday, on Wednesday

If you're gonna buy yourself a new car
You just better hope you're lucky enough
To get one made on Wednesday

On Thursday the weekend is in sight
And they're in a hurry and they don't do nothing right
Friday is the worst day of the week
That's the day they make lemons dogs and freaks
If your car was made on Friday
Friend, you'll soon be in the creek

'Cause it's payday and the loafin' has begun
Lord them Friday cars just hope you don't get one
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Are all bad days and the only try day is Wednesday

And my car was made
On Wednesday, on Wednesday
If your car wasn't made on Wednesday
I'd advise you not to even leave home any

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