Statler Brothers - Sweet Charlotte Ann Lyrics

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(Don Reid)

Her first years three to six playin' house and pick up sticks
Along with little Charlie Card next door
And in the first and second grades all her X and O's were made
On paper airplanes passed to Bobby More.

From nine to eleven she teased poor Bill and Kevin
And made 'em blush every chance she could
By the times she reached her teens she'd made John Miller green
With jealousy just like you knew she would.

Then the flowers started and she got woman hearted
And Snappy Simmons kissed her in his car
Harry Bill and Freddie all begged her to go steady
She told them all she'd go but not too far.

She danced every dance and fought off every glance
And was envied by every girl in town
She had stacks and stacks of letters class rings and high school sweaters
And the longest line of broken hearts around.

Once she even got engaged to Henry Homer Page
A rich kid from New England coast
But at her twenty-one she had all her fun
And had kept the one thing that mattered most.

Everybody had a part of Sweet Charlotte Ann
She's that certain someone in the past of many a man
They kissed her lips and held her hand and maybe touched her knee
But the sweetest part of Charlotte Ann was always saved for me.

Yeah, the sweetest part was Charlotte's heart she saved it all for me...

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