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[The Game]
Buenos Dias Maricones

[Verse 1]
Picture me stuck inside this mind of a loco matador
Bout' to comit suicide behind them project doors
La Vida Loca, Mi Familia, estas loca
Don't fuck around with no snitch mayates,
I got this bitch ass on check with the Cuete en tu cabeza
A Spanish maid better come and clean the fucking mess up
Gangsta, it ain't about where u from, is where you and where ur gun
(Ay Vienen Dispara)
Let em come
See I never told DRE that I was disconnected
(Viva Mexico)
And get your ribs disected
Es muy pandillero en mi blanco camero
Feel these buck shots to your souls with these barrels
The devil con permizo diablo
You saw the lamborghini up escapo Pablo
Get them from Durango send them to Chicago
The eSe's dont f**k with niggaz see I know

[Chorus: x2]
Voy a vivir Aqui
Voy a nacer Aqui
Hasta la muerte
Hasta la muerte

Mi amor

[Verse 2]
Ven aqui mami, pass a nigga a corona
Yo soy El REY de fuckin' California
(Eres Juego)
Tu eres muy bonita, te extrano My senorita
Me is the negro Vicente Fernandez
Mi cuarenta Y Cinco, I need you to understand this
California ain't no country for old men
Muy grande sangre ridin' on chrome rims
Translation the sound of Deuce Deuce's
Mirando en la esquina, St Luces
I'm bout' to lose it homes Espara
Escribo Los Angeles en mi cara
Time to bring back my old impala
Keep the 40 in the dash for them Eric Estrada's
Tu got pajaros then holla'
Cause we pitch white balls like

[Chorus: x2]

Mi amor

Estupido pendejo
Idiota, te odio
Por que no me quisistes?

You know I love you man
You know I love you

Pendejo estupido olvidate de mi
Por que no me quisistes

That not what I said?

Te odio
Pendejo estupido

Te extrano

Perro inbecil

[Verse 3]
This is my city I'm the California as New york is to Diddy
And Compton is mi casa
Adios mijos, mi pecho frio
Drug dealer for life, take me to your kilos
Muy mota mixed in with the coca
Spanish stand in riding shotgun she loca
(Callate la boca)
She's my "El Pollo Loca"
And the day I die she know to bury mi en roja

[Chorus: x2]

Mi amor

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