Timbaland - 15 After Da' Hour Lyrics

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Run the track

Ooh, it's, it's so funky, it's, it's so funky

(Yes it is, 15 after da' hour, baby)

Ooh, ooh, it's, it's so funky, it's, it's so funky

(Somethin' always happens)

Ooh, it's, it's so funky, it's, it's so funky

(Oh, it's, it's so funky, check it out)

Ooh, it's, it's so funky, it's, it's so funky

(Maganoo and Timbaland, check out the stores)

It's about 5:15, got a call from Weezie West

"Timbaland, you have a check on my desk

But you must pick it up by 7

Or you'll have to pick it up tomorrow by 11"

Wait a minute I got a meetin' at 6

There's no way, I can't pick it up by 7-ish

Therefore I must wait until tomorrow

Go to my man and ask if I can borrow

200 or 100 chips

If I get them then I dip

Now it's about 9:15

Got a page from my girl, Ms. Demean

"Timbaland, I need you to meet me out in Queens

While you on your way don't forget to bring

My sunglasses and my show-jack

Don't forget da gat and the cigarettes"

It's about 10:15, call on my cell

It's this fine beauty queen

"Timbaland, make my body hot

Make it steam", shit it's 11:15

Got another call from another beauty queen

But I can't hit, I got to see Ms. Demean

Here I am, out in the middle of Queens

Damn near about 1:15

Now, I'm leavin' Queens about 3:15

Hopin' I can hit one of my queens

So I hit about 7:15

Then I finish at 9:15

Tell her to wake me up at 10:15

But she wakes me up at 11:15

Know what I mean? I'm late for Weezie

15 after da' hour, it's kinda cheezie

Early in the morn, 8:15

Jump in the tub, rub-a-dub, get clean

Rap the listine, I got from Ms. Demean

9:15, dressed in all green

Dip to the parking lot, look what I got

10:15, meet Tim at the spot

We can make it hot, cook it in the pot

11:15, feed the hoe while it's hot

1:15, got to get rubbers

Me and Lisa Lee later on beat lovers

2:15, we like sex in the mist

3:15, was the first time we kissed

Girl, your man ain't shit and you know it

4:15 is the time I can show it

When I say suck it, it don't mean blow it

5:15, get loot 'cause you broke it

Girl, it ain't a blunt, so don't smoke it

Better if you grab it with your hand

Then you choke it, 6:15, ain't my day quick?

VCR tape, Halloween is the flick

Drinkin' like a cellar, pass out drunk

7:15, had a dream, I was a monk

15 after da' hour, everything seems to go bad, you say dag

15 after da' hour, booty calls, get lost in the sauce, what's the cost?

15 after da' hour, 15's a bad number, know what I mean?

15 after da' hour, 15, 15, say what

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