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…good tonight,
what about me and you, anything that you like,
.. i’m yours tonight!
oh, now hear me out, don’t get down like that
cause she has something special!
..big brown eyes, incredible,
jump in the trip, let’s go, sahara!

girl you should finally do the things you do
she bought that dose,
girl why you do the things you do, do, do?

she…do you mind if i …
baby girl, that’s all right, do what you like,
gotta watch the road, but i’m all back to its…
she’s crazy, her body,
always so meticulous!
but you can’t do that,
cause after you will activate that trap!

chorus: (x 2)

she’s crazy, her body,
always so meticulous!…

chorus: (x 2)

sahara, sahara, sahara!