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Oooh, Belle
The Lord and I've been friends for a mighty long time
Oooh, Belle
Leaving Him has never ever really crossed my mind

Let me say this one thing

I'd never go so far
Mmm, cause it's Him no matter who you are
Oooheee, Belle
Oh it's you I want, but it's Him that I need

I'd like to take a little minute just to say now...Belle
The laughter of the sound has quieted down
Heeeooh mmm, Belle
The best thing we could do is have Him around

I'm not playing believe it
Let me say this one thing

I think if love could abound
Mmm, My heart was lost, but now it's found
Heeeooh, Belle
All let's you and I is let His love come down

I'm so happy, happy bout that now
Say this

Seems so easy to me
Oooh, to try to act naturally
But let's not waste each other's time
Eeee, Belle
Oh he's my surprise the Lord is my joy, (my joy, not a toy)
Belle, I know that you can understand a little country boy (just a little country boy)
Heh heh heh heh, He brought me safe thus far (let me say it, believe it)
Through many drunken country bars, ooooh
Belle, aw let me say
That He's my bright morning star
Belle, Belle, my bright in the morning, He's my bright in the morning
He's my everything, my everything, hey
A drink of water
He's my joy in the morning time, I know you're all of these things yeah
But uh He's such a brighter joy, He's such a brighter
Heee, heee, heeeee, heeeeee
My everything (my everything)
Everything (everything)
In the morning
In the evening
In the daytime
In the nighttime
Hey, hey, hey
He's my everything yeah

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