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i guess there's no good reason
for livin
but i'll keep on livin for you baby
there's nothin else to do baby
but spend my life holdin and lovin you, aw,aw,aw
if i ask you more than one million times to forgive me
you'd think of a reason why
that you should make me cry
(don't make me cry baby)
walk out and say goodbye, away from me, aw, aw, aw yeah
i'm tired of the bright ideas about leavin me, un huh
when you know you not goin nowhere but here with me
here with me
let me tell you one thing
stop and think of just how good i've been to you baby
please oh
not causin no trouble for you baby
the story just can't be true baby
(just can't be true baby)
how can i convince you baby, but just tell you the truth
iiiiiii'm breathing for you, givin for you, waiting for you
let me tell you what i know
i'm layin for you, prayin for you, workin for you
everyday i don't mind if i tell you that i'm
livin for you, not ashamed i'm givin to you, givin for you
oh my my
playin for you, prayin for you, (workin for you)
everything i do i, everything i do i still
do with you, something to do with you,
to do with you
that's why i say i wanna

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