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Can I have a kiss?
Can I have a touch?
It?s too much baby
I don?t wanna hold you back

Your smiling face
Your lips on mine
Your love divine
Oh, it?s too much baby

Listen, I wanna say
That?s it?s too much
Too much for me
Come on now

Oh baby, too much baby
Too much for me
I gotta say, ooh

Your smilin' face
Your lips on mine
Talkin? about a love divine
It?s too much, oh

Everyday feel like Sunday
And your smile is something I can?t fathom
It?s just too much, I love you too much, just
I can?t keep holdin? you back, it?s

Your love is way too much
Baby, I said it?s too much
Girl, it?s too much, oh hey

I was one step closer
To your arms from mine
I feel your love so divine
It, it, it, it, it, it, it, it?s
Just, just, just, just, just, too, too much
Too much for me

I, I want to take you in my arms
Just one more time I?m askin?
Give me your love
I don?t need no hug

It?s too much
Too much for me
Oh, that love?s just
It is too much

Oh now, it?s too much for me
Baby, it?s too much

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