Amon Amarth - Blinded By The Right Lyrics

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You could be President if your daddy was first

If your brother the governor had the power to coerce

It's absurd but he could change laws so certain votes were heard

For what it's worth, that "democratic" election could be yours

Blinded by the Right

It's the beginning of the end

Now Big Brother is your friend

The Patriot Act enacted allows the government in

To see how you spend, read what you read, jail you indefinitely

And defend they don't intend to end your personal privacy

Blinded by the Right

It's fucked up being seduced by the coalition of Christ

Ignore the Saudis though they backed the 9/11 attacks

Why fight economic allies who share a border with Iraq

Deceive and say Saddam hides weapons that might blow up the US

Let's take him out instead, yeah, and make the Iranians next

We'll feel good about ourselves though Bin Laden is on the run

While Saddam Hussein appears as public enemy number one

Conveniently forgetting it's the Saudis we should fight against

Neglect the UN

Ship kids and bring them back in a body bag

Is it a quagmire yet?

I'll bet this ain't as bad as it gets

Just ask your local hero the homeless Vietnam Vet

What was it like losing your friends fighting a cause that wasn't just?

Well, son, it just was what it was, justice I never saw

Blinded by the Right

It's fucked up being seduced by the coalition of Christ

I wish my vote counted

I wish my vote was counted

I was Blinded, Blinded

I wish my vote was counted

Blinded, Blinded

I was

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