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Here's my song about gun control

As my politics begin to roll

Things are getting out of control

It's time to stop, drop and rock 'n' roll

We built and sold them the guns

Made in America

Glued to the tube TV before Dallas 1963

It was assumed baby boomers

Bloomed doomed to ruin the country

But who knew the children of Normandy

Soon would resume war with Vietnamese

Overseas, we sent 18 year-olds to bleed

Face it, like Oswald woke the nation

Osama woke my generation

Now the kids of Nintendo

If drafted will attend the

Bush administration family agenda

Of bending back hands and sending children

Attacking Iraqi lands and buildings

So Cheney can rebuild for 200 billion

They'll disarm the regime but not the children

We built and sold them the guns

Made in America

Sacrificing our kids lives for global crisis

While fools of the NRA

Watch kids shoot kids in high schools

With tools they say kill deer

Not fill pools of blood

And guts, and tears, and the love and trust

We lent to the government

That's here to protect not just guns but us

Don't place blame on video games

Marilyn Manson or NWA

How can we blame them for the situation?

When an Alzheimer's patient

Leads the Nation Rifle Association

We built and sold them the guns

Made in America

I'm a Reagan Baby

My formative years are the 1980s

Russian production and reduction

Of weapons of mass destruction

Happened already

Even the Cuban missile crisis

Had pictures of bombs throughout the island

To sway bias

And now we hide behind bombs

Dropped on innocent moms

Ignoring gun control and dropping stocks

Senate majority leaders opposing '57 Little Rock

While we annihilate North Korea, Iran and Iraq

If the government shoots first

To stimulate commerce

Things are only going to get worse

If the government shoots first

We built and sold them the guns

Made in America

We sold them the same guns

That are now facing back towards us

And what do we do?

We go over there

But until we view here and there as the same place

We will always be fighting another religion, another race

There are peaceful solutions

There are peaceful resolutions


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