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playin' everything so easy,
it's like you seem so sure.
still your ways, you dont see
i'm not sure if they're for me.

then things come right along our way, though we didn't truly ask.
it seems as if they're gonna linger
with every delight they bring,
just like what you have truly seemed.

i'm trying to think of what you really want to say,
even through my darkest day.
you might want to leave me,
feeling strange about you
like you're gonna let me know,
when words then slipped out of you.

when words dont come so easy to say
you just leave me feeling, come what may
though i want things coming from your way.
i say to you, you bore me all the time
when you seem to hold back all in you,
all that you want to let me know.
why dont you have the courage?
speak up and i'll listen,
if you truly want me to know, then tell me.

is there something wrong with you
and you seem fastened there.
it sounds as if there'll be a melody
if things in you are let out
and then i will feel alright.

when you sleep, do you feel the same,
exactly as i do?
i really want to hear things from you,
though i've felt something new
eversince you acted that way.

if i go,
would you still mind telling me?
if i stay,
you seem to let the days go by.
if you truly want to let me know,
then tell me.

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