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Listening to a metal music prank
That leads straight to the bank
Each grunt and groan took literally
Some tired old rock stars fantasy
Suburbia is such a drag
Bargain nightmares in a bag
Newspapers sell disaster and sin
And when the dustorm comes
They say the Devil rides in

Party down eat your friend
B movie stories never end
Rock the house shoot your mum
Cheap thrills wrapped up in bubblegum
Get down burn the cat
The hardcore life is where its at
Loveboat sub attack
Beware of Sudden impact

Burnt out case from the neighborhood
Converge one night deep in the wood
The bat from hell arrived that night
To make that picnic outtasite!
Satanic rights to a tune they knew well
( From: )
To make the party rock like hell
Hold tight the ride begins
Macho men with pimply skin

Come fly with me
Talk to the trees
The duststorm dosen't always please
Thats the gamble inside your head
Lets play something else instead
Hide and seek for a shock
I can see right through that rock
Bang your dead the shit is real
Someones scored a bum deal

Teenage shrinks are all confused
At the spread of drug abuse
Meanwhile down at the games arcade
The latest candies are displayed

Guess what our kids got really cheap
The stuff that puts the elephants to sleep
Not paradise but blown to hell
They took their sabbath tapes as well

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