Billie The Vision And The Dancers - We Won't Get Any Younger Lyrics

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Words: L.Lindquist
Music: L.Lindquist

We won't get any younger

Sometimes I look at you
I think that you deserve more
than anyone can ever offer you
But I am here I'm standing next to you
Will still be standing when you're 64

I wish that we could go some place far away
I wish we could afford it
Some place to take a break
some place with no connection
with no connection to the dirty world

We won't get any younger

This is our world
We can do what we want to
That simple thought has kept me up all night
I'm too young not to see that the best days could be ahead of me
and I'm too restless to retire

We won't get any younger

A mouth full of words and my pockets full of melodies
I kept Pablo in a cage for too long
And the radio people suck the proudest men and women
They keep ignoring me as I was dirt

Time will not come back to you
and time will not come back to me
I'm gonna die with a smile on my face
and I'm gonna die beside you

We won't get any younger

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