Dansero - Live Fast, Love Hard Lyrics

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My life's like a gyroscope spinning
On the edge of the sands of time
My life's so out of control baby
But for all your loving it can stop on a dime

They say I'll have to face the music
To pay the piper man for the song he's chimed
Every dog must have his day howling
And I know one day that I'll have mine

(Pre Chorus)
Live Fast, I'm living at the speed of sound
Love Hard I'm hardest loving man around
Die Young, I've got trouble with this part
But when I'm older baby then it's too late to start

To Live Fast and Love Hard and Die Young
To Live Fast and Love Hard and Die Young

Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
Is what they all say will happen to you
If you go and do
All the things you want to do

Come take this ride with me
Speeding through this life of mine
Better hold on tight to me
'Cause we're racing with the hands of time

I'm standing on the edge of midnight
Darkness all around me and there's nowhere to climb
I'm standing two fisted in the darkness
A one-way ticket showdown with Father Time

They say youth is wasted on the young
I'm a Restless Kid and I'm loaded like a gun
Pulling hard on the throttle, like there's no tomorrow
Making love with Lady Luck, I've got lightning in a bottle


I, I will go to the ends of the earth
In an endless search for your love
I, I will go and battle the fates
Even if it's my fate to die young

Put yourself in my place
I have just begun
To Live Fast and Love Hard
And if I do, they say I'll Die Young

(Repeat Chorus)

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