Geoff Tate - Passenger Lyrics

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[Geoff Tate // Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals][Jeff Carrell
// Electric guitar & Backing Vocals][Howard Chillcot
// Synths, Steinway Piano & Backing Vocals][Evan Schiller
// Acoustic Drums, Loops & Percussion][Scott Moughton
// Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar]
I'm looking back
at what just happened,
a little bit lost, apprehended.
I've made mistakes.
Could I say it any clearer?
I've not been sleeping,
it feels like a week.
Our conversations in my head
and my body aches.
I'm not sure what's real anymore.
I'm not sure anymore...

and I feel like a passenger on a train.
Just watching the world fly by...
only a passenger.

A little entangled and short of breath,
when you look at me that way,
you're so hard to resist.
I wish I could say what I feel like you...
yeah, it's easy for you.

What we're going through right now,
we need time to understand.
There's needs that are different
between a woman and a man.

But I know I love you
as clear as this window
I'm looking though.

And I'm just a passenger on this train.
Always watching the world fly by,
trying my best to explain.
Please forgive me if this seems
like some "phase" I'm in.
I'm busy watching where I've been.
Just like a passenger...

I search your eyes but you're not there.
I reach for your hand try to pull you near
but you move... away.

I feel like a passenger on a train.
Always had so much time,
never had to explain.
There was my life
gone in the blink of an eye.
And I feel like a passenger.
A passenger.

And I feel like a passenger
on this train.
And I feel like a passenger.
A passenger.

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