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6 months straight I could hear you callin
Now Im on my way to the altar and the tears keep fallin
Hit the front and collapse, thinkin back I was so strong
Now Ive been gone so long, where did I go wrong
I was walkin up right, testifyin of Christ
Shinin my light, every day I would read and pray
To be saved I was so proud
But compromisin on this got me hangin wit my old crowd
Thinkin chillin wit the homies wouldnt hurt
Now they got me back in clubs and Im missin church
Flirt, flesh gots me gettin at these girls again
Forgot the Cross, now Im lost in the world of sin
I tried to play it off, like I still had a grip
Had everybody fooled not knowin I tripped
But I couldnt fool myself, its was time for repentin and prayin
Cause deep in my heart I heard Christ sayin

Backslider come back home
Believe me, you've gone to close
Jesus still loves me strong
Backslider to come back home

Walkin in the world wit out no relief
And you're full of grief cause you been robbed by the thief
God is sayin, its time to come back child
But Satan will condem you and make you feel exiled
But I know the story bout the prodigal son
And the Bible is true, and I know cause I was one
I read Luke 15 and started for my crown
There's many parables about the lost and the found
Now you might be the son that journeyed from home
For some appearened reason you decided to roam
But you found you were walkin in the danger zone
Til suddenly you realized it was nothin like home
Feelin you can't come back its too late, that's just pride
Cause standin in the way is like suicide
Its time to come back and return to the Lord
Get cleaned up, delievered and restored
Its time to come home


The Spirits alienated and the feelin ain't there
You fell by the way side and nobody cares
The other hand is full of blood, guilt
But to take away your sin is why His blood spilt
You walk around wit a complex, all day
Everyday, but hey, I heard Pual say
Forget the things that are behind me, is what he said
Impress on foward to things that are ahead
In Revelations 2:4, words wont budge
God is sayin, come back to your first love
Come back home child to hug you again
Is my desire, cause God is married to the backslider
He never left you, but you left Him
What profit is a man to gain sin and lose his soul
See everything that glitters ain't gold
And that would be the range cause nothin is equals to your soul
Man exchange, so come back home
Cause you're a lost sheep and the wolf is on the roam
Forget your own life, lose it for Christ
Please don't look back, no don't be like Lot's wife


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