Gospel Gangstas - Live It Up Lyrics

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[Chorus x2]
No matter how hard we strive to stay alive
The reality is, One day we all gone die
So I'ma just stay on the grind and live it up
Enjoy mines until it's time to give it up

[Verse 1]
The wealth of the wicked is layed up for the righteous
partner, Watch me get it
Lifestyles of the rich and saved, Homie, Watch me live it
Ghetto fabolous till I die, I don't care who like it
Get you excited, Like you been drinking punch, And somebody spiked it
Who's the tightest? We are, 2 G'S and the committee
Revealing and instilling game into the lame, cuz they blind, Blind
And can't see, Don't blame me, Put together a hot deal
Took it to B-Rite, Got some act-right, Now I could stack tight
Expedite my life to the next flight
Went from being diliquent to having pockets fatter than cellulite
Show you right, Took god's word, Locked on it like a pit bull bite
Much love to my homie, Untouchable, That's in the pen
If he was home, I know he'd say, Chille baby, Get your ends
So I'ma live it up

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Represent to the fullest and I love my coast
So it really don't matter on which side I post
Makin hits that'll last, Burning charts like toast
Everybody got a chance, I just do it the most
Keep it real wit me, I'll keep it real wit you
One day we all gone die, Dogg it's the truth
Lord knows I'm a nut, Never would change that
I was brought with a price, Now it's all good, Black
Homie, Money is supreme, But it don't rule me
I know the golddiggaz comin, Yeah, They don't fool me
Don't wanna go back to the penitentiary
If I do, Just might get strike number three
Live it up! So why criticize and you don't pray and do
a million different things I don't have time to get into?
In the hood's where you'll find me, but nevermind me, continue

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
You'll find my mind's not focused on my problems
I trust god and keep the faith as I'm mobbin
We fighting gobblins, Like batman and robin
In gotham city, Cross the committee and we squabblin
Line lobbin, Rhyme throbbin, Mind bogglin
Got your concubines bobbin while the rhymes lodgin
Pray to jehovah rock like yola and baking soda
And the gray nova exchange rhymes like payola
I stay solar system resistance designed to go the distance
Adding assistance into elevating your existence
Survivalist, Found my niche, So I switched
And I wish to be raptured or die rich

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4]
His ressurrection made us qualify
But retrospect, Low expectation cause we were born to die
Read through the text that can answer every question why
Before you flex, Interpretation is what tells the lie
Have you been blessed with ears that can truly hear?
Or is it this that you confess but really live in fear?
The end is near
But closer is the life at hand, The right to stand
Wallow in poverty was not the plan
Since a man died for the cherished promise
You must acknowledge, People perish for a lack of knowledge
Some went to college, A degree but eternity is what they never find
Mad at me, A young G that's enjoyin mine, Don't sleep
I'm tryin to live it up, Do you consider us delirious?
Niggaz hit us up, Trust me you don't wanna trip wit us
Have heart to pick it up and take a sip from the bitter cup
Nigga what! Don't disturb me, I'm in the process of living it up

[Chorus x4]

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