Gothic Knights - Guardian Archangel Lyrics

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I ran in total darkness, wind rushing by my side
Full moon to light my way, I felt the winds of evil
Gray skies and red horizons lightning and thunder crack
Full speed ahead to nowhere soaring like an eagle

Then from the sky it came, a silvery shining blaze calling out my name
Out to the heavens I called, I need you here by my side
I've got nowhere to run or hide

We warred from hell to heaven, leaving the demons
Holding the keys to hell, his sword struck like an earthquake
The trumpet sound of glory electrified my soul, all hell has broken loose
The dragon rose before me

Fighting the world side by side, sorrow and fear start to die
Bringing me hope and strength, guardian angel's my name
I've watched over you today, I'm here to show you the way

The eyes of God are watching as men destroy the earth
All things come to an end, the words were sealed ages ago
My life has flashed before me, I've seen the millions burn
We rose above the rain like angels of the morning

Down from the sky we fell into the arms of the night
Bringing me back to life, hold fast and always be strong
He said as he rose to the sky, I'll always be by your side

Archangel, my guardian

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