Ne-Yo - Dream Lyrics

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No problem I can't solve,
In a test of our love,
If your love was multiple choice,
You'd be all of the above,
You're the answer to all my questions,
No need to cheat,
Together we're the perfect score,
You make me complete,
I never seen a woman,
With so much beauty and class,
My heart was always a failure,
Til you helped me pass,
I wanna give you my all now,
No more excuses,
Cuz without you in my life,
My life is,
Just useless,

I played every game in the book,
But you changed my perspective,
And for the first time,
Love, my only objective,
Moments can be feelings,
Things aren't always what they seem,
Baby if I'm sleeping,
Please don't wake me from is dream,

[Verse 2]
Your heart and I enganged,
In a game of hide and seek,
Since our very first encounter,
I was playing finders keep,
No need to look any further,
Already found my soulmate,
Although it took a while,
You were the whole way,
Girl can't you understand,
That I wanna put a ring on your hand,
I can't say I'm perfect,
Baby we both know I'm not,
But girl I think it's time that we tie the knot,


Baby you're the one that makes me whole,
But while you're warming up my soul,
At the same time,
You're breaking my heart,
I knew we would fall in love from the start

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