Ozomatli - City Of Angels Lyrics

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What you know about my city that's tic tac?
Hustle to get stacks
Fail get laughed at
Even from here I hear the chit chat
Grew up Miracle Mile

Fairfax to tar traps, Hamilton High alumni
What you know Ham and cheese supreme
J-B to Carthay cat LA it be the base and the catalyst
Walk Crescent Heights worldwide back to strangle us
Land of the saint and the land of the wicked

Hollywood to Bell
The Manichean kick it
What a duality, arid reality
Devon Brown Shot
Minor technicality
Brad Pits cheatin' front page reality
Stanley Miller Beatin'
DA don't want to touch it
But I love my city
Soft yet rugged
Rep LA I know the Angels will love it

City of angels!

I let the beat talk
Then I just fill in the words
Its Jabulani that you're dealing with
My hood is tough like its clubber lang
So in the bucket I bump behind mac in the gutter lane
I write raps when I feel the pain or even sorrow
But you heard it before

The sun will come out tomorrow,or so they say
But see we're living in L.A. and what you thought was the sun,
Was just a flash from the k
You stashing your weed in the passenger seat of the
regal with the gold feet
Watch your back, lil' homie got a loaded mac on Figueroa
Just got a new girl

His rep he's finna show her
But slow down baby gangsta, you ain't prepared for the truth
You got him and its gonna happen to you,
ain't gotta live how your homie do
Just work the angles
The city I'm from is Los Angels
Come on!

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