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We see a coming war
We see a coming war

Now can you imagine this world with no oppression?
And no need to dabble in greed and transgression
The solution for murder and prostitution
Never glorify this pollution on television

Corrupt an entire nation, explicit images
Never freeing Mumia regardless of proven innocence
Turning to crime and not using intelligence
What makes me wonder sometimes are we in hell or

Inches away from confronting the powers that be
Saw in seconds what has taken some hours to see
Temps is hot enough to melt a bullion
More than a million people are ready for rebellion

This shit is ill, sun set to the crack of dawn
If you're black or blonde
Uncle Sam is robbing you blind and putting shackles 'pon
The minds of your children for real, son
Beware this system and go to war with this institution

They see a coming war
They see a coming war

They expect those of us who peep to not see
Medical benefits should be cheap if not free
The richest people are those without morals

'Cuz once they get inside they tend to keep the door closed
Lord knows they killing us quick and clean
From baseheads to people addicted to nicotine
Man-made diseases where skin cells corrode

To ones where if infected you die from common colds
Economical foes they pose the true threat
Using your tax dollars to sell and produce death
What's left?

We got guns and drug trafficking
Government will be backing
And blaming Latin and African brothers for dirty work done
The shit they do not only hurts young

But it's provoking revolutionary circumstances
Slow like molasses
This is a message to the masses
Never ass kiss

We see a coming war
We see a coming war

Emergency, emergency
Evacuate the premises immediately
Emergency, emergency

Now open your ear 'cause slavery will appear
When corporate cutthroats control your career
The treats of life are toned and ain't no way the ripple fix
Beware the microchip that replaces the triple six
Which one?

Are you a soldier who fights against fraud
Or pawns in this game on this government's chess board?
The signs are clearly defined, it's merely your mind state
Wars coming my people so stay awake

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