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On a brave new morning, smiling at the sky
Every shadow of the past whispers goodbye
There is hope, if you can see
I give it all to you, you give it all to me
Every winter has the sun within its heart
And everything we think we knew we can forget
Maybe far but not apart
I know it's getting better and it will be better yet

So fly
Cause I know what you're feeling
When it turns out that way
And that emotion is healing
And we can fly...

Climbed a mountain, just to see the other side
We start with nothing, cause there's nothing left to hide
I believe in every new day
I'll never be that man who threw it all away
In the valley there's a river running through
Wherever it may take me, I will follow you
There's an answer to all the rain
It's when I turn around and hear you say my name

So fly...
And we can fly...
Oh what you're healing...
Cause there is nothing but clouds in your way
As we face the day...

So the time has come but I will say a prayer
As the day break, I know I will meet you there
By the shoreline ever-changing
I give my word to you, you gave your word to me
So the morning has a song to feed my soul
It was divided, but with you it feels whole
There's a life only we know
And there's a secret place where only we can go

So fly...
And we can fly...

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