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Had a dream last night
The angels had come riding
In the light of the day
Where there was no more hiding
All so fine
I still see them shine
I saw angels play
Right in the light of the day

And I watched them fly
Across a fiery sky
And I heard them cry
As they passed me by
I could feel the light inside me
I could feel it everywhere
Life was clear and fair

Woke up in the dark
And tried to keep believing
In the light I saw
In time of constant grieving
Vision fair
Please don't disappear
And please hear my prayer
There in the light of the day

When I look within
I see them shine again
As the darkness ends
And the light begins
I can feel the light inside me
I can feel it everywhere
They are still there

On the street tonight
The innocent are dying
And the world's not right
So many millions crying
Evil lives
And hate never gives
Hell is never far
And is this all we are

Oh Lord, hear us cry
Up in the fiery sky
That our souls may fly
To you when we die
Help us feel the light inside us
Help us feel it everywhere
Oh Lord, be there

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