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Baby's eyes - feel them looking at me
Realize what I would have her see
Realize how dark this world can be
That's why I better keep shining, shining, keep shining right down the line
Love's a light - it keeps leading us on
When it's right, it'll shine till we're gone
keep it bright out there in the unknown
You know we better keep shining, shining, keep shining right down the line
Here's my shining song, I hope you can see it
Here's my shining song, from the heart
Here's my shining song, and I know you need it
If we keep shining on, we'll never shine alone
Love the night, 'cause that's when I hold you
Feel the might of all the things we do

Oh, the sight when we're both coming through
I love you 'cause you keep shining, shining
Keep shining right down the line
So shine - just show the world how bright the world can be
Let it shine - so every heart can see
Shining star - lead us on through our lives
You're so far, but your light still arrives
Shining star, shine for all who still cry
It helps to know you're still shining, shining
You're shining right down the line

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