T Weaponz - Mira Mira (El 3mix) Lyrics

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(feat. Pitbull, Notch)

(El 3mix)
(Ya Tu Sabes)
T Weaponz

[T Weaponz:]
I Was Raised In The Slum, That's The Barrio
If You Heard Me On The Radio
That's The Radio
See I Came To Make A Change
That Means Cambio
Now We Got Bitches/Niggaz All Sweating
Here's A Pano
That's A Napkin
Capitan Means A Captain
Que Lo Que Pasa? Means What's Happening?
If You See Me With My Fam
Dats My Ganga
Shorty Got A Thong On
Then She Got A Tanga
If She's Darkskin Then She's Morena
If You Wanna Problem
Then You Lookin For Problemas
And Talk Is Hablando Walk Is Andando
If You See The Cops Scream Bajando!
Coz If Your A Thief You're A Ladron
You Got Beef With Me To Carry A Caáon
U See Im Crazy Loco Pa'to
Drunk Borracho
That's A Rap Means Tato

Mira, Mira, Mira, Mira Look
Dila, Dila, Dilo Te Lo Shook
Linda, Linda Dale Fuego
Come On Dale Fuego
All Ma Callarellos

(Mira Mira, Look Look)
(Tiena Miedo Means Shook Shook)
(Shortys Want The Flame
Toma Dale Fuego)

Mira Mira Yo Lo Dio Calmilicare
That Means Calm Down Boy Un Gitate
Lo Que Tienes Puesto
That Means Take Off What You Got
We Can Take What's Yours And Make Its Ours
Right On The Spot
Ladrãnde Means Theif
Cabronde Mi
Cabron Got Me Soap
And You Don't Drop That In Jail
Cocina Means Coke But We Also Call It Yayo
Camao Means Broke
Thats What You Are In A Sale
Cabona Means Cops
Parar Means Stop
Mateo That Means Shots
Piera That Means Rocks
What The Boys Around My Way Push On The Blocks
So Va La Proxima Piensalo Bien
That Means Next Time You Better Uh Think It Through Dawg
Si Tu Quieres A Puerta Un Cien
That Means Bet A Hundred That Pitbull
Is Here Ready To Skrew Yall

When Me A Kick It In, Yo Estoy Tacando
Me Drink A Heinekin Yo Estoy Tomando
When Me A Lite It Up Im All Fumando
Police Come Around I'm Dama Pagando
Ya Man, Misunto
Yo Vengo Planto
You's A Fool Boy Got Me An' You Done Fo'
We No Say Him A Mentiroso
We Rather Kick It To The Sur
Because We Have All De Tings Said
....We Already Done Done

[T Weaponz:]
Hello Means Hola
Time Is La Hora
If You See A Girl By Herself
That Mean Shes Sola
If You See A Gun In My Hand Thats A Pistola
If I Say Nobody Fuckin Move
Then No Te Muevas
Dinero Is Money
Feo Is Ugly
Y Carajo Quiere
Means What The Fuck They Want From Me
Hambre Is Hungry
Bobo's A Dummy
No Me Vieron Llegar Means
Nobody Saw Me Coming
Thinking, Pensando
Look Man, Mirame
You Dreamin, Sonando
Forget It, Olvidate
Praying, Hesando
Just Ask, Pidale
For Change, A Cambio
Single, Soltera
Fires, Candela
Move, Que Mueva
Like A Snake, Culebra
Hands, Manos
High, Alto
Or Drink, Un Trago
Celebrate, Celebrando!

Dats Wen Me Sing Agen
Mira Mira...

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