Taryn Southern - Wrong Hole The Untold Story Lyrics

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You guys know how it all went down
The night he stuck it in my wrong hole
Well now I think it's time you hear my side of the story

He took me on a date it was hit or miss
But I was feeling tipsy so I gave him a kiss
We went to his place and his roommates were there
But I was so horny, I didn't even care
Before we knew it, we start to grind
Then suddenly I feel something in my behind
I start to tear up and my eyes go wide
Did he really just stick it inside of my back side

Last night, he stuck in the wrong hole
I was so shocked, from the bottom of my soul
That he stuck it in the wrong hole

I felt the siding urge to have to go number 2
But to poo in his place I thought well that would be rude
I didn't have the nerve to tell him straight to his face
So I snuck out the back and I ran all the way to my place

Last night, he stuck in the wrong hole
I was so shocked, from the bottom of my soul

The very next week he texted everyday
Meanwhile my butt pain had finally all gone away
He sent flowers and candy and even a song
So he finally confessed that he got it all wrong
Hey dj lubelle, I hope that you don't mind
That I kinda liked when you put it in my behind
,but can we just try it again tonight?

Every night, we stick it in the wrong hole
It's so much fun, and we don't need no birth control
When we stick it in the wrong hole, uhu, whoa
He sticks in my ass.

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