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Likwit Crew baby
We bout to take this one ghetto, ghetto
Universal universe
The solar system, the solar system
This is goin' out to
The Detroit homies
The Cleveland homies
The Sacramento homies
The Oakland homies
The Florida homies
The Atlanta homies
New York homies
Jersey homies
Texas homies
Arkansas homies
World wide

Verse 1:
I got a lot off friends
But how many Tru Homies
The kinda if I go to jail,
they on they way for me
The kinda if I go to jail,
they on they way for me
Don't get around no trick
And try to act if you don't know me
Homie, this is likwit family,
we all in together
If that bitch will eat a pussy
Tell that bitch she was your brother
You share and share a light,
that's how we do with one and other
You just met that bitch tonight
And now you actin' like you love her
Fuck you, you a whore
I gotta keep it real
I shook a Nigga quick,
end up with J and Phil
J is from the backtown
Phil is from the ville
These my diamond motherfuckers
And my Niggas shoot to kill
Even if we clock a meal
So money ain't the issue
If you in some bullshit
I'm in that shit with you
Can't let no bullets hit you
If you die I won't forget you
Likwit takin' over 99 it's official
We hit you were it hurt,
until your mind don't work
Run 'em over on my turf
Drives a Nigga berserk
So their ain't no way about to Walhalla
And you surround her
All I gotta do is lie to somebody,
and getting pounded
We run triple foul
Killa-Cal with the style
(?), bow wow, right now
Cause this is how we do it
If you know me, homie show me
I am my brothers keeper,
that's what my daddy told me

We're about 45 deep, where we all go to
The uncontainable, ungradible Likwit crew
We only roll with a chosen few, true homeboys
Only separate the real Niggas from the decoys
Killafornia B-Boys, I got ya back automatically
They wanna get through you, they gotta go through me
About 45 deep, where we all go to
The uncontainable, ungradible Likwit crew

Verse 2:
[Phil Da Agony of Barbershop MC's]
Phil Da Ag, Xzibit and Tash, the true homies
The bottom set it off,
my Likwit crew will set it for me
The type that always got the itchy fingers on the triggers
Yo my Niggas go ahead, Tash (?)
X shown in for all of my best friends
The cash that I was walkin' turned me hop into the Benz
My friends say when I die,
they carry me before they bury me
?My friends, that be fuckin the French women that marry's me?
My (?) who give a fuck if I stopped breathin'
Better relax Nigga and start bleedin', y'all my (?)
I could pass out, black out or be out on the concrete
The urgency technique,
you have learned to see at the street
Phil the Agony on defeat
Likwit fleet is rollin' deep
Rollin' well with laser beams on they heat
If I get kidnapped, tied up, beaten and strapped
My kids'll still kick in the ransom to get me back


Verse 3:
Never ever rat on your friends
We make moves like identical twins
I'm talkin' dirt, bitches and ends
All around the map to sett 'em choppin' Los Angeles
Took the route, I hold it down,
while other Niggas abandon us
The city of lost angels
We work the angles like a crime syndicate
?Flash Bentley on the benedict?
Screamin' Likwit, hit you automatic
We could benefit
You ain't are listed in the rage
You just an immigrant
But rhyme just together is tougher than leather
Niggas die for whatever
I clear the whole street
When I let my sweater
And let it rain with the baretta
Provoke insanity, when you talkin' with my family
Front line, first stream, Alkaholik ré??ime
Carried away or get cut from the team
Me and my brothers stick together, cause that's all we got
And I'ma have my Niggas back till my caps pop


Uh, It's all love
It's all love
Now let me shout it out to;
all the Chicago homies
The Northern Ohio homies
Seattle, D.C, Virginia L,
I now y'all homies get it right
Tru Homies

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