The Combatants - Stuck On You Lyrics

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Ive been there since day one I hope that you'll understand
that I want to be there in the end
Ive been up day and night and it still just feels so
right cuz girl theres something I just gotta have

Like fishing tongues on the beach side
and turning amber as the sun starts to rise
what is that thing you find in me
Now all my friends they cant stand you
You or them who should I choose
Im only 17 give me a break

Now everything is falling around you
I have a habit to bad to lose
You said you want me sensitive but I'm just to hard core

Shes had her fill but she wants more

But every time I breath and every time I dream
there is something that says that you are there
So just turn around
and look down
cuz in your heart is where I'll always be

Push you out into moonlight
and watch the stars as they light light up your eyes
Hope the cops dont bring it to an end
now on your record it might look bad
but I'm just scared from the look of your dad
He'll kill me if I see you again

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