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[Verse 1]Yeah I'm tripping off the cannabis I'm blowing
down with smokey bear
Preventing forest fires? fuck that! The loud is in the air
Sipping on codeine watch me lean it's kinda hard to hear
When I'm lifted I swear the smoke flows out my ears, Yeah
Then I gollap just like a dear
Eat the box four times makes a perfect square...
Meal... Yo this munchie shit is real
it's kinda hard to cope with this another L let's smoke this shit

[Chorus]I'm smoking til' I'm lifted
Drinking til' I'm shifted
Got a bad bitch, she gifted
And she got a friend and she with the shit

Chasing green, lucky charm shit
Running through Iraq, I'm the bomb shit
I'm bullshittin' bullshittin'
I'm bullshittin' bullshittin'

[Verse 2]So I'm plotting on this come up, see I'm trying to get this green
Spittin spit, hustle hard, times like this senses are keen
When I make it to the top I'm bringing my whole team
Spitting rhymes and getting money cause niggas is dope fiends
See this rapping got a virus and concepts the vaccine
sweeter then a jelly bean, soft as gushy in between
hours, minutes, couple seconds yo I need a time machine
Yeah I'm tearing shit up, you can call me wolverine

[Chorus] x2

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