The Evpatoria Report - Mithridate Lyrics

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The drug was administered in a drink of water
Given at the start of each day's exercise.
Twenty-five minutes later, the first effects of the drug became apparent
The men began to relax, and to giggle.
This man was more seriously affected
And had to be removed from the exercise.
After 35 minutes, one of the radio operators
Had become incapable of using his set
And the efficiency of the rocket-launcher team was also very impaired.
Ten minutes later, the attacking section had lost all sense of urgency
Notice the bunching and indecision
As they enter the wood occupied by the enemies.
Almost immediately, the section commander tried to use a map
To find the location of troop headquarters
As the prisoner's escort had to have the way pointed out
Though it was in plain sight 700 yards away over open country.
Fifty minutes after taking the drug
Radio communication had become difficult, if not impossible
But the men are still capable of sustained physical effort.
However constructive action was still attempted by those retaining
A sense of responsibility, despite the physical symptoms
But one hour and ten minutes after taking the drug
With one man climbing a tree to meet the birds
The troop commander gave up
Admitting that he could no longer control himself, or his men.
He himself then relapsed into laughter.

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