The Fates - Miss America Lyrics

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Held a sign on on the corner of Pacos
with my hand in my pocket
pants made of thread
Sun beat down on my back, I was drowsy
wearing nothing for shoes and a bun on my head
you went by in a 90s ferrari
sipping' bottle of sky
draped with hearts on your chest
and you revved, i was struck by your lightning
hair was spinning i barely could breath
I turned to played, when an instant
couldn't stray my eyes from your direction
you know, you know, you know

Know, I got a picture
riddin' in the summer
with your hair flightin' fire
like the top of a rose
you blew me a kiss
with your hands raised through the ceiling
got those bustling lips
miss america

And simply put,
I was lost in obsession
I'd just seen venus, the goddess for me

next thing I know
you're off in the distance, same old story
a dream that is not meant to be
I would have chased you through the desert
wouldn't stop for water from a fountain
my face, so great for you


I need a sun
then I'm headed for grace
on the right road headed for the right place
now I can see
that it's great - ow


I got a picture
(I'm riding, I'm riding)
I got a picture
(I'm rollin', I'm rollin')
I got a picture
(I'm riding, I'm riding)
I got a picture
(I'm rollin', oh)

and I'm riding oh
and I'm, rollin' oh
and I'm riding, from my soul.

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