Tim Wilson - George Is On My Mind (The George Song) Lyrics

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George Bush, George Burns, George Jones,
George Benson.

George C. Scott, George Reeves, George Wallace, George Hallis, George Washington,
George Washington Carver.

George Jefferson, George Jetson, George Peppard, George Harrison.

Boy George, by George,
George Of The Jungle, George Strait, Chris George, Linda Day George.

George Patton, Phyllis George, George Custer, George McClellan, George Foster, George Martin, George Thorogood.

George Carlin, George Hamilton, George Raft, George Jessel, Talulah Gorge.

Susan George, Curious George, Georgie Porgie, George Clinton, George Segal, George McGovern, Jeff George, George Lindsey, George Sanford Brown.

George Lucas, George McCrea, George Schultz, George Miken, Gorgeous George,
Gorgeous George Junior. (everybody!)

George Orwell, George Wendt, Newt Gingrich (huh!?!).

George Goebel, George Michael, George Foreman,
Chuck George (a guy I used to go to high school with.)

Georgetown, George Naismith, George Will, George Montgomery, George Steinbrenner,
Georgie Fain, George from Mice And Men, George Allen, George Rogers, George Gipp "The Gipper", George Gershwin, George Gervin, Machine Gun Kelly...his name was George!

George Zaharias, George Kennedy, George Brett, George Mitchell, George Stephanopolis,
Chief Dan George, George Blanda, George Plimpton, George McGinnis, George Rogers Clark,
George Bernard Shaw, George Siefert, Eddie George, George "The Animal" Steele,
and for all you party animals-George Dickel!

And George is on my mind.

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