Tim Wilson - I Could Be Wrong Lyrics

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I guess I'm tired of Oprah Winfrey's ass
Tellin' me every move to make
And I'm tired of Martha Stewart's ass
Tellin' me how to bake a cake

And I've just about had my fill
Of Doctor fucking Phil
Tired of looking at Tiger's ass
And Shaquil O' fucking Neal

Paris Hilton could fuck up a county fair
Just proof that you can be stupid
And still be a billion-fucking-aire

I'm tired of Simon's ass tellin' people that they can't sing
I'd fire Donald Trump's ass for knowing every fucking thing

Jenn and Brad and Angelina's ass
I'm about tired of lookin' at them
And I'm about ready for Hollywood's ass
To run out of fucking film!

I'm tired of everything on TV
Everybody loves Raymond
Except for fucking me!

I'm tired of that Lance's ass
In France ridin' on a bike
And I could purty much give a damn
What some actress's dress looks like

It'd be nice if Hip-Hop's ass would finally learn to play three cords
And I'm about fed up with Nashville's ass
And the "Hand-me-a-trophy" awards

Barry Bonds hittin' a bunch of fake home runs
And that fake-ass Larry the Cable's ass
And Git Er fucking Done!

I'd like to watch football's ass
Without worryin' about T.O.
And I'm resolved to tell W's ass
Where the fuck he can fucking go

I'd be the first to second
Tellin' the third world what the fuck they can fucking do!
It'd be fun to watch Mel Gibson's ass gettin' whipped by the Jews

I'm tired of my own ass singing this fucking song
There's a lot of people's ass I'm tired of
But the list's to fucking long!

And I could be wrong...
OHH, I could be wrong!

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