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Plus One, Plus two, makes you baby
From old mother hubbard and her big shoe
One too many, one, two not to small
You see the cat in his hat and all

One for the galaxy, One for his voice
You can sing , sing with words in a birdlike song
Math is the sum of magic plus two
Molten lava is hot and chasing us all

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Love's so close, your blood is running thick
All you see is written, maybe not correct
Delusion creates illusion and in it we connect

One is for laughter, one is select
You put that king too fast in check
Two is for equal, two is plus tall
Creation measures nobody that falls

You make the difference, you make mistakes
You and the world can all forsake
You are the child born under the stars
Blinding the fear, shines a light of tears
Its all right baby, its all right the milky way

Trust in me shadow, trust in me faith
Ten commandments we all have to face
This is no division, no great divide
Suicide is no place to hide
Crimson is the color of the great red tide

Plus one, Plus two is who made you
You make the changes, two makes me shake
Spiritual Father and mother complete
Trinity is in the child born that we seek.
You one, you two, here is the clue
Lord Jesus is the breakthrough
When Johnny comes marching home again

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