U2 - Wake Up Dead Man (Mix Version) Lyrics

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And this take you out
You tell don't take you down
I will take you
I will take you down

Act you want to get what you're getting
I know want, take it what you wanted to
On is what, all is all
To want it to get

I look for you
All the way you cry

Endless in your guy, don't take him on
Always in your eye, I'm looking for

I take of you

Down in the bottom
Down in the bottom of wrong

Been wrong again

I'll be coming to you, yeah

We're getting warmer

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, an uh

Stay awake, say you're back

Don't take it all

Uh huh, uh an uh
Don't say forever

Don't take it all

Sugar I'm about dance
I look down on the rest
No one have broke you down to
Too many think about you
Wanted to take you
Wanted to take you down

Ooo, do what you get it,
I can get it
My heart in the sunlight
I don't get it
You're going to the right land
Going back to the way we were

Get up...
Uh huh, uh uh

Wake up, wake up, wake up

And out you come
Wake up dead man

You wanna talk
I'll let you come...down

Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up dead man

Bono (both channels)

Oooo, taking it out
Taking it to
Taking the zoo
And they'll be view
I'll go with you
Baby it's true

You come home the chances
You come home alone
You broke into dancing
Did you do
How come to do

Bono: "I was Singing a bit late here."

I know she wants your money
I know, so don't you...get it wrong
You got to get along
Sometimes you get it wrong
Won't taking it anymore...

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