Usher - Can T Let U Go (feat. JD) Lyrics

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Yo I'm sick of this man-i cant even take no more-xoz
I hate the fact that I love
You so much-and u know what I'm sayin-u don't even
understand wat this is doing
To me-everytime I try to get away-i just cant let you
go-u know wat I'm sayin i
Just cant let you go

I never ever wanna hurt ya-i just wanna love you-i
just wanna sex u up- I wanna
Give u everything you need-things u want-just lay down
let me love ya all night

Jd- it was beautiful when we first started

Usher:- I don't want to leave you-i just wanna keep
you-when they saw me they
Saw you-damn the world-its just me and my girl
thats how I felt-everytime i
Thought it was right-it went left.

Chorus:- we used to laugh and party-now all we do is argue

Jd- wat happened to all the good times

Usher:- I tell myself that I don't want you no more-but I cant let you go

Jd- u see I cant let u go

Usher:- so much love and hate

Jd- I hate this

Usher-people screaming it wont work

Jd- I'm sick of all this shit man

Usher- time and time I say I'm gonna leave

Jd-see wat I'm saying

Usher-but I cant let you go

Jd (break)-now u wanna be real insensitive and try
to act kinda funny-u know
Wat, man u ain't even gotta wait till in the mornin
man-u can get out of here
Tonight hey yo glen come grab her shit and get her outta here

Usher:-u ain't even gotta like me-but you're not gonna
fight me-u cant even walk
Away and say I never gave you everything u need-all
we do is argue all night
Long-i don't wanna leave ya-see ya with another brother
lovin' ya-sayin damn the
World-its me and my girl it's how I feel when u think
everything is real-but it
Really aint

Chorus (2x)- jd rap- got me- walkin' around ready to
snap-got me-walkin' around
Lookin for somebody to slap-got me-goin with no pause-got me up in cardiac
Everyday just coz-got me argueing about lil stuf-it
get a little rough we kiss
And make up-she wanna say wat she wanna-i don't play
that-she wanna constantly
Bring up shit from way back-got me thinkin' bout her while I'm watching a
Flick-got me dipping through traffic trying to gte
home quick-got me talkin to
Myself I'm hating this-got me wanting to wild out like
I'm jadakiss-got me in a
Place I never thought I would see-got me not wanting
to stay not wanting to
Leave-got me happy got me confused-got me wishing-i
could get it how I used to-

Repeat chorus (2x)

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