Usher - Confessions, Pt. 3 W/ Puff Phoenix Lyrics

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Usher feat. Puff Phoenix
Confessions pt. 3 (Single-B Side)

[Puff Phoenix]
Usher, got love fo you
Same color clothes boo
I need some love from you
But ya gurls cheatin you boi
Deceivin you boi, While we're on tour
Niggas be bumpin in thru yo doors
May not be what you expect
Hermaphrodite me, but I come correct
Usher lemme school you, What to do & not to
Leave this trick for boos who who won' stay true
Purple afro puffs thats me, rockin ya TV
Phoenix is on top, your girl's not

Girl there you go
acting like I'm the only one who messed up
What I was told by my kin was that you wuz with Mike
I don't understand, why you are treating me like you do
I think its best if we both go our seperate ways & groove

I can't be here
(Knowin you gon diss)
I don't feel
(Like you were true to this)
So just leave with a kiss
You cheat
(According to my peeps)
You sneak
(Just like you were me)
Don't eva eva try me like that again!

I confessed everything with everyone
Including you my babe
But what you didn't know
Is that I got my sources
Why? (You try to play me like a fool)
And why? (You try to take me for abuse)
I Don't (Need Any Excuses)
Just tell me, tell me
What are your confessions?

I know I didn't try to think of you
You thought you had it all
Money, man, drinks, & all
I didn't know, what drove you to do me like that
But baby you hurt my pride
When you lied, said you were always by my side


[Puff Phoenix]
Boo, you were a good man
My sexy leadin man but
I had to sneak to fufill me
To you, I'm a notch & a half on your garder belt
Cuz when we (uhh) I imagine someone else

Meltdown, 2004, Ursher, lil Puff, here we go
One mo, whoo! What now

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