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Well baby(We Grown Now. Radio 101 Volume 4).
..It's like...I told you id write you something in
this relationship...And uhh.
..Damn girl after 3 years? You patient as shit (laughter)
Now give it to em Flo...
The poem begins now, initiate the indevor
but to express my love untying forever, it will take me forever
Im trying to be like you, perfect as the "Bunched Brady,"
but even though trial once until I collapase, I come off a bit Shady
You know how I feel girl, If anything,
guilt. My love is the elevator and you are on stilts.
I am the compassionate king.
Am nothing without my queen. Nothing but a joker,
Your kisses are like nicotene, and Im a chain smoker
Every kiss had its smile, every look had a blush,
together we're the shit, but you want us to flush
We just hit it up,
already miss your hips,
you're on my mind all night, but for a minute you're on my lips
Give it to em Ush..give em' that love words and verbs
that bring them to they knees and they can have what
they please...You a fool for this one Ray...
The tiger in the woods, know i never wear a glove
You are my flavor, my favorite flavor of love
On my mind so much, it doesn't make sense,
through the drama of other women has left you feelin' tense.
And even though my mistakes...they are stricktly past tense
and even though you felt me and respected my defense
You think that im lying and you stick to commen sense
Our bird of love is still waiting on the fence
Felt no pain in the first break up, and just had no remorse,
It was only my choice yet yours,
to rely on the common source,
that would like nothing more than to see another common divorce
Saying you cant do it anymore then straight up simply dont,
but you can't stop me from trying.

Cause bitch, I simply wont.

(DJ Block) Come on Ush we gotta get 'em one more time,
give 'em one more hook...

Still want a peice of your heart , but a little more than a fifth
I kissed you and it ended, just like a relationship
But baby...The thing is... I would kill myself... for just another kiss
I fucked up and i know it,
my reflection can show it,
and all ya friends know it
Sorry KW, I guess NOW...Ha...
Im the bittersweet poet
Like a line, you finished
My love, deminished
My game...replenished (laughter)
My fire...not yet extinguished...
Cause I'll try and I'll try...
No more tears
No woman no cry
Cause i know you said you just wanna finish it,
But until my death, Ill know that Im innocent
If I was in your shoes, understand and perceive me,
She is just a friend, you got to believe me!
You should believe the main Ush mayne, not just a little wanna be mole,
but okay now the poems over,
but my hearts
(spoken) Still in a Hole.
(DJ Block) (commentary) Be on the look out for Flow...yall
know about Ush though. Floodin' the streets on these
beats Flow! One hit away! Let it ride out...

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