Usher - U Remind Me (Lost Boyz Remix) (feat. Mr. Cheeks) Lyrics

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[Mr. Cheeks]
Yea, Mr. Cheeks, Mr. Saks
Usher, the remix
It sounds like a winner to me
You remind me of this chik I used to deal wit
Hang out and chill wit, smoke and eat a meal wit
Cop the rings-n-things, took her to the Ruckers games
I'm findin out cuz it aint nothin but some other mothafucka's names
Neva thought that she was grimey from the way she looked
Sex a nigga, gravy and every day she cooks
Come to find out my honey wasn't playin fair
Grab ya clothes and ya keys you ain't staying hear

See this girl she, sorta looks just like you
She evan smiles just the way you do
So innocent she seemed but I was fooled
I'm reminded when I look at you

U remind me of a girl that I once knew
See her face whenever I I look at you
Won't believe all of the things she put me through
This is why I just can't get with you

Thought that she was the one for me
Till I found out she was on her creep
Ooo she was sexing everyone but me
This is why we could never be


I know (yeah) it's so unfair to you (it's so unfair)
That I relate her ignorance to you
Wish I knew (Wish I knew how to separate the two)
U remind me (U remind)
Whoaaa Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Yea, I'm talkin
Pokin those trips, I'm lovin those hips
A hot chik's up in my corner and my dough flips
The type of chik that every cat wanna keep wit dem
She had a lot a male friends that wanna freak wit dem
I wanna hold you the way you wanna hold me
I've played the fool before I'm not trying ta O.D.
And being unfair to you that's what I hate ta do
I swear I wish I had a way to seperate the two
I swear I wish I had a way to seperate the two


(Gotta let you go)
(Said a Iiiiiiiiiiiii huh)
(Gotta let you go)


You remind me of a girl yeah)
(hey oh oh)
(You wouldn't believe it)
(This is why I just can't get with you no no)

[Chorus: till end]

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