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Teach us, oh Lord, what it really means
to rend our hearts instead of outer things
Teach us, oh God, what we do not see
about our hearts and of your(our) ways
And Father, deal with our carnal desires
to move in your power but not live the life
And to love our neighbor with all that we have
And keep our tongues from saying things we have not seen

Oh, break our hearts with the things that break yours
If we sow in tears, we will reap in joy
That we might pass through your refining fire
Where brokeness awaits on the other side (2x)

Raise up an army like Joel saw,
your church that is stronger that ever before
They do not break ranks,
when they plunge through defenses
But the fear of the Lord will be their wisdom

That they might weep as Jesus wept
a fountain of tears for the wounded and lost
Who ever heard of an army of God
That conquered the earth
by weeping and mourning and brokeness?

But there will be a day when the nations will bow
And our Lord will be King over all the earth
And he will be the only one,
and also his name will be the only one

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